Dubai Visa Services and Assistance

Although, everybody knows there is a requirement of Visa and Passport to visit another country rather than your own country. The
Visa and Passport for the entry in UAE vary on different factors. These factors include the Origin Country name, nationality,
passport type, Duration of Stay, and purpose of visit.

How to apply for UAE visa

We offer our customers an affordable Dubai Visa so that our customers can spend the money on their holiday instead of paying
the visa fee. Our price is reasonable and shows the level of commitment and zeal towards our customers.

Our services are tending
to satisfy our customer's need so that they come back to us again and again. With best and reasonable price, we give the
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Documents requirement

For application of UAE visa, one must have these necessary documents
Scanned copy of the passport only first and last page.
Color photograph, avoid blurred photograph

Color passport Copy
We are filling application form from our online account with UAE Immigration, so client doesn’t need to fill any form

Cash deposit or payment slip of visa

Copy of the UAE ticket

Conditions of applying for the visa

The procedure for the visa application may change with the countries of residence. Some of the general rules for
The application of visa are as follows
The payment of the visa application fee in advance
The visa fee is non-refundable
The visa processing time is approx 3-4 working days.
Visa Approval or rejection is the sole discretion of Immigration Department, so we are not liable for any rejection of visa.
Fees will be applicable for all condition

Tourist visa or Visit visa

There are many types of visa are available for the UAE, but we deals in Tourist visa or Visit visa. The tourists companies or travel
agents provide the tourist visa that is valid for the 30 days. It is a non-renewable form of visa. If the tourist visa holder stays
more than the given time period, then the person have to pay the fine. UAE permits the entry through the single entry visa or
multiple entry visas. Most of the time people apply for the single entry visa.

Single entry visa: this type of visa is for single time entry in Dubai or any other part of the UAE. Visa Holder is allowed to enter
UAE from Any International airports or road Entry points.

Multiple entry visas: it is available in 2 options, Multi entry visa for one month and Multi entry visa for 3 months. Visa holder can
visit UAE for unlimited time with this one-month and 3 months, more useful for the frequent business traveler or any type of
frequent traveler. However, both types of visas are non-renewable and non-extendable and the tourist visa holders are not
allowed to engage on any income generating activities.

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